Algorithm Developer

Algorithm Developers build and maintain the models that drive our trading. It involves applying rigorous statistical analysis to vast quantities of market and financial data to produce predictive trading models for Risk Panda. You will run models live on our high-performance trading infrastructure, and analyze daily performance to maintain ongoing profitability. You will research, develop, and test novel approaches and models to increase profitability. People work in teams to seek out and trade on pricing inefficiencies, develop models, manage risk, investigate new products, and push them into new business areas.

∙ 8+ years in quantitative trading
∙ Master or Ph.D. in Math, CS, Stats, Physics, or related quantitative fields
∙ Proficient in C++ and Python
∙ Deep understanding of the market
∙ Capable of working independently as well as part of a team
∙ Award winner of IMO, IOI or ACM-ICPC is a plus

Site Reliability Engineer (position filled)

This role will have the primary responsibility for managing the real-time production trading environment for Risk Panda. It requires deep technical and operational knowledge across all areas of the trading platform in order to proactively monitor and troubleshoot our trading system, deploy changes to our production environment while minimizing operational risk, and implement tools and procedures to drive continuous improvement.
More specifically, you will maintain our huge-volume data storage, build model training and evaluation pipelines, manage the AI infrastructure and perform in-depth performance and stability analysis to ensure our system work smoothly and efficiently.

∙ 5+ years in system-related fields
∙ Bachelor in Computer Science or related fields
∙ Familiar with CI/CD pipeline, system monitoring
∙ Strong understanding of Linux systems, including network and system configurations, kernel internals, scheduling, performance tuning
∙ Strong understanding of networking, including routing, multicasting, LLDP, VLAN tagging, Ethernet
∙ A deep sense of ownership and urgency; reliable and predictable availability
∙ Experience of AIOps is a plus

Chief Marketing Officer

We are good at trading and strategy development, but do not know how to do marketing. We need a CMO to grow with us.

∙ We have no idea what is the actual requirement of a good marketing role...

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